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Access a huge range of products, ranging from oil and metals to currencies, bonds, and agriculturals at low commission rates. You can connect with indices across the global Futures markets, including CME Group and Euronext.

Hedgers use futures contract to seek protection of their assets - like an insurance policy. These assets could be both financial - such as currency, bonds, and stocks - and non-financial such as gold and oil. For example, a silver mining company can use futures on silver to protect itself against a potential decline in the price of the metal.

Why trade Futures with Luminor?


Convenient and easy to use platform

Traders with a focus on Futures will find all the tools they need with Luminor Trade online trading platform.


Competitive pricing

Take advantage of competitive pricing


Wide access

We provide an ideal workspace for trading a broad range of markets and assets

Take advantage of Futures

  • Tight spreads on all major contracts

  • Read the free Hightower Report, the comprehensive daily research on the Futures markets available directly through Luminor Trade platform.

  • Trade +200 contracts on live market prices from over 20 Futures exchanges around the world.

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