Money transactions | Luminor

Money deposits

In order to transfer funds to Luminor trade, make a payment from internet bank from your account:

BENEFICIARY account nr:  

When payer is private person

When payer is corporation



Legal entity code no need to provide
Amount Funds transfered must be in the same currency as your Luminor Trade account
Payment code do not fill
Details of payment Transfer to Luminor Trade

Money deposits can only be made from your Luminor Bank AS account, indicated in Luminor Trade contract. Transfer fees: when transfering funds from Luminor bank account to Luminor Trade local transaction fees are applied:

Funds booking to Luminor Trade account:

Money withdrawals

There are two ways to transfer funds from Luminor Trade:

1. Fill free form application internet bank: Letters > New Letter > Free form application. Describe amount and currency.

2. Fill application and send a copy to or bring it to any branch of the bank.


Transfer fees - for transfering money from Luminor Trade fixed fee is applied:

Currency Fee
EUR 2,00 EUR
USD 2,70 USD
GBP 1,70 GBP
NOK 17,00 NOK
SEK 18,00 SEK
PLN 9,00 PLN

All requests are executed, only if all transactions are settled and applicable fees are paid:

If some transactions are not settled or applicable fees paid, withdrawal requests are postopend. Funds from Luminor Trade are transferred only to client's Luminor Bank AS account indicated in contract.