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If you have ever thought of trading Stocks online, getting started is easier than ever with Luminor Trade. With our platforms, you can access more than 32 of the world's major stock exchanges directly, putting over 17,000+ global Stocks at your fingertips. Whether you are interested in Stocks from the US, Europe or Asia, Luminor Trade makes it simple and affordable to create and manage the Stock portfolio you've always wanted, with a single versatile account.

Luminor Bank offers a range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) that are tradable on live prices through its online trading platforms. Trading ETFs and ETCs online gives you a straightforward, low cost and flexible way to access the stocks and commodities markets worldwide.

Why trade Equities with Luminor?


Wide access

Dozens of markets in the Europe, US and even Asia. With Luminor's broad market access, you needn’t miss out on any opportunity.


Margin collateral

For traders who also trade Forex, CFDs or Futures, they have already got collateral.


Low commissions

Now you can trade Equities as low as 6 USD per trade with no custody fees

Take advantage of ETFs and ETCs:

  • Trade over 2,500 ETFs/ETCs online with Luminor Trade
  • Invest in entire financial markets with the simplicity of stock trading
  • Listed on stock exchanges, traded and settled like stocks 
  • Benefit from a full range of market, limit and stop orders

Additional information:

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